Illuminating the way for adaptive LED headlights

While illuminating the terrain ahead provides greater certainty during low light driving, it can also prove to be harardous for on-coming vehicles. The introduction of Matrix LED headlights puts that concern to rest. 

Deploying adaptive computer processors, these intelligent headlights detect the presence of approaching traffic and adjust both beam intensity and direction to prevent blinding drivers on the opposite side of the motorway. 

By integrating Daytime Running Lights (DRL), turn signals and a combination of tail lamps, Avnet’s Matrix LED systems offer greater integration and a more holistic solution by enabling all-round control as well as flexibility and adaptability to suit road conditions. 

Car driving at night with LED headlights
Features Systems
  • Input: 9V-16V (Max. 26V)
  • MCU: ATmega16M1


  • LM3424 SEPIC Circuit, Composed Buck-boost for LED CC Control
  • LED Driver: TPS92661


  • External CAN Bus Interface, BCM through CAN Bus for LED Control
  • DC/DC: LM3424Q


  • Powered by 36 ORSAM LUW CEUP, CE-7 M8M 2W LEDs
  • DC/DC: LM53603-Q1



  • CAN: SN65HVDA1040A-Q1


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