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Avnet’s latest venture into automotive security resulted in a key groundbreaking innovation— the Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) system for homes and vehicles. The PKE system combines a Key Tag and Base station board with an LCD display made compatible with most PCs. It even includes software for running the system. 

When in operation, this state-of-the-art system transmits data between the Base station and the Key Tag— the Base sends a 125kHz carrier frequency while the Key Tag responds with UHF (434MHz). 

Strategic immobilization functions embedded into the PKE system also allows for password support and crypto mode for added security. This feature is especially crucial in managing access controls in homes and vehicles. 

Features Systems Target Applications
  • Single-Chip Security Transponder and Keyless Entry solution with on-chip multi-channel UHF Transmitter
  • 16 Bit RISC Architecture (MRK III)
  • 3D LF Interface uses RSSI (receive signal strength indicator) over wide dynamic range for key localization within 5 meters
  • LCD and GUI support
  • Vehicle control system access
  • Home control system access

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