Keeping an eye on road safety

Drivers who are drowsy or distracted are a significant cause of traffic accidents around the world. This has led to the increasing incorporation of Driver Camera-based Monitoring Systems (DMS) in next-generation ADAS solutions. DMS has indeed proven to be an effective solution for monitoring the drivers’ alertness and vigilance, cutting down on vehicle crashes.

Besides contributing to safety on the road, DMS can make driving a more pleasant experience overall. This camera-based system can recognize the driver of the car and adjust the environment inside the car to his preferences. The seat position, temperature and entertainment choices that the driver prefers will automatically be turned on.

Avnet’s DMS solution is an end-to-end solution that helps innovators speed up their product development cycle. Combining the NXP MPU Processor and ON Semiconductor image sensor/LED Driver, it deploys an advanced detection algorithm developed by Avnet.

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • Driver’s drowsiness detection
  • Driver’s distraction detection
  • IR sensor (night vision) integrated on the camera
  • High resolution camera
  • End-to-end solutions (Include hardward, software)


  • NXP MPU: i.MX6S
  • ON Semiconductor Image Sensor: AR0144
  • ON Semiconductor LED Driver: NCV7961
  • Maxim SERDES: MAX96705/6

Target applications

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Driver recognition


Driver Monitoring System

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