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The use of Near Field Communication (NFC) is revolutionizing the way people gain access to their vehicles and even start them. New interfaces and devices such as mobile phones and smart cards can now be used, greatly enhancing vehicle security and convenience for the driver.

Avnet’s Mobile Phone (NFC) Car Access solution is designed to fit into the door handle of an automotive, incorporating NFC, proximity and touch sensing in one PCB. NFC functionalities can be accessed via a smart phone app while the NFC, proximity and touch sensing functions are displayed LEDs. As a user approaches the vehicle, his presence can be detected by the door handle’s proximity or touch sensing capabilities and his identity authenticated by NFC. He can gain entry to his vehicle once his NFC-enabled device (e.g. smart phone, wearable, smart card) is detected.

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • Automotive qualified NFC frontend ICNCF3320 & MCU
  • Small form factor to meet door handle size constraints
  • “One size fits all” antenna matching concept for chrome and non-chrome door handles
  • Low power card detection functionality to enable ultra-low power operation
  • Relay attack detection
  • LIN interface

Key components

  • MC9S12ZVL
  • NCF3320
  • NXP NFC frontend IC
Mobile Phone (NFC) Car Access


Target applications

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Block diagram


Mobile Phone (NFC) Car Access

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