Motor control with lower cost and lower noise

Automatic air conditioning. Automatic seat adjustments. Automatic rearview mirrors. Automatic parking. Cars have evolved from manual operation to electric operation to intelligent automatic operation, making driving a more pleasant experience. Playing a vital role in these operations is the motor control system. There are 2 types of motors, with the brushless DC motor being quieter than the brush motor. It is also safer as the lack of brush friction doesn’t cause sparks or charcoal dust.

The S32K144 Automotive Sensorless FOC Controller from Avnet offers higher efficiency and reliability with lower noise and cost. With its wide range of peripheral units and multi-pin models, the 32K meets the flexibility requirements of this type of application. It can also meet high-voltage application requirements, be it for the 24V commercial vehicle truck or the new energy car motor. And it works better than asynchronous motors to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Target Applications

  • Automotive HVAC blowers
  • Oil pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Engine cooling fans
  • Wipers
Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • Sensorless FOC arithmetic
    • Higher efficiency, higher reliability
    • Lower noise, lower cost
  • Cortex-M4F core, 112 MHz Bus
    • 256KB to 2MB flash, 32KB to 256KB SRAM
    • 3-FlexCAN with 1X CAN FD
    • MC34GD3000, 3 phase driver, 6V-58V
    • One, Two shunt FOC
    • Over current, Over/under voltage protect
    • Lose phase protect
    • Forward wind restart
    • Stall detected, protect hardware


  • S32K144
  • MC33GD3000EP
  • BUK7Y3R5-80H*7
  • NXP 3phase driver
  • Nexperia MOSFET

Block diagram

Motor control with lower cost and lower noise

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