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Optimizing the power of today’s applications

Higher power applications like power tools and electronic mobility devices are raising the demand for batteries capable of handling greater voltages and currents. This has in turn increased the need for a superior battery management system.

That is why Avnet has introduced a battery management system that can optimize the potential of these batteries. Incorporating a circuitry for bringing the cells back into balance, the BQ76PL455A-Q1 device can increase the lifetime of the pack and deliver a lot more energy to the application. To enhance pack and system safety, the device even protects from over charge, over discharge, over temperature and high current events.

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Features Systems Target Applications
  • Monitors Up to 256-Series Cells (16X16s) 
  • Operating voltage: 12V to 79.2V
  • Highly Accurate Monitoring with Internal Vref
  • Built-in Secondary Monitors/Comparators
  • One Mb/s Stackable Differential Isolated UART
  • Daisy-chainable differential communications AEC Q-100 Grade 2
  • Battery Monitor IC: BQ76PL455A-Q1
  • COMMON Filter: PE01812
  • COMMON Filter: AE2002
  • Connectors
  • EV/HEV
  • Energy Storage (ESS) and UPS
  • E-bikes, E-scooters

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Reference Solutions

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