Unlocking the potential of keyless innovations

Advancements in automotive technologies continue to make driving safer, simpler and easier. Passive Keyless Entry and Start, in particular, is an innovation now enjoyed by many drivers of modern vehicles. By emitting a low power signal, the system senses our proximity to our cars, allowing us to open car doors and start our engines without the need to reach for our keys. 

The ingenuity behind this innovation lies in the smart communication between the passive key and a vehicle’s electronic control unit. At Avnet, we enable this intelligent technology and advance it even further through extremely compact single chip solutions that provide immobilisation functions as well as incorporate Security Transponder, RISC Controller and UHF Transmitter on the same chip while requiring only a few external components. 

Starting car with fob instead of key__
Features Key Components Target Applications
  • 125 kHz carrier frequency to the key for data transmission, and the key responses with UHF (434 MHz).
  • Based on the low frequency signal strength (RSSI) to identify the accuracy of key position.
  • IMMO function
  • LCD and GUI support
  • Access to vehicle’s control system
  • Access to home control system

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