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Communications Solutions

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Support every element of your communications application

Avnet partners with communications solutions providers who take their intellectual property to market and accelerate product launch thus increasing profitability.


Discovering horizons in LoRaWAN

By leveraging the power of the muRata LoRa module with Cisco gateway to maximize IoT functions, Avnet further fuels the potential of LoRA and sets new benchmarks for innovation.


Making smart cities smarter

Based on ST products and supported by the ST S2-LP series, Avnet redefines the power of Sigfox and elevates it to the next level by incorporating GPS tracking and ultrasonic sensing capabilities.


Seamless integration with LoRaWAN

Avnet provides a unified eco-system that fulfils your business needs by leveraging on the advantages provided by LoRaWan edge-to-enterprise solutions.