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Discovering horizons in LoRaWAN

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As a media access control protocol that allows low-powered devices to communicate with internet-connected applications over long range wireless connections, LoRaWAN enables developments in infrastructure that were unimaginable years ago. 

Today, by leveraging the power of the muRata LoRa module with Cisco gateway to maximize IoT functions, Avnet further fuels the potential of LoRA and sets new benchmarks for innovation. More impressively, the latest LoRaWAN solution from Avnet is uniquely designed to include sensor modes for environmental data collection, thus paving the way for advanced applications that are particularly useful for weather stations and agricultural businesses

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  • Long range: 5km–10km range
  • Low-power: 5 years expected battery life
  • Weather station sensor mode for temperature and humidity data collection and transmission
  • Soil sensor mode for water centric percentage, electrical connectivity and temperature detection



  • muRata LoRa module
  • ST – temperature/humidity sensor
  • Murata – soil sensors


Target Applications

  • Infrastructure
  • Smart city





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