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Making smart cities smarter

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There are a myriad of advantages that make Sigfox one of the most widely deployed Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) today. Among the most significant is its unparalleled suitability for use in smart city designs where efficient data transmission over vast distances is key to their success.

It is especially for infrastructural development that Avnet, a leading pioneer in the burgeoning field of IoT, innovates heavily to realize superior Sigfox solutions for engineers across the globe. Based on ST products and supported by the ST S2-LP series, Avnet redefines the power of Sigfox and elevates it to the next level by incorporating GPS tracking and ultrasonic sensing capabilities. Allowing everything from vehicle location in car parks to water tank and waste bin level detection, Avnet’s Sigfox solutions create greater, more impressive applications for innovators today and tomorrow

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  • Long range: 5km–10km range
  • Lowest energy consumption from LPWAN technology
  • GPS tracker for accurate device location 
  • Ultrasonic sensor for level detection



  • ST – S2-LP series
  • ST - STM32 Nucleo 64
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • GPS tracker


Target Applications

  • Infrastructure
  • Smart city





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