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Change the approach to vision processing

Embedded Vision is one of the most exciting fields in technology today. Providing machines the ability to see, sense, and immediately respond to the world creates unique opportunities for system differentiation; however, this also creates challenges in how designers create next-generation architectures and bring them to market.


Deep learning power for low-end devices

Deep learning is one the fastest growing segments in technology today. It is increasingly being used for tasks like speech recognition, face identification, even game play.


Turning vision into reality

Avnet’s UltraZed-EV™ Starter Kit bundles the new UltraZed-EV System on Module (SOM) with the Carrier Card to create a complete system for prototyping and evaluating embedded video processing systems.


An ultra boost to developing new applications

Comprising the UltraZed-EV System-on-Module (SOM) bundled with Carrier Card, the UltraZed-EV Starter Kit from Avnet provides a complete system for prototyping and evaluating systems.


Taking road safety further

Avnet offers a DMS solution which combines the NXP MPU Processor with the ON Semiconductor image sensor/LED driver.


Driving the automation of industries

Avnet’s Six-Axis Integrated Drive & Control Solution on ZYNQ enables the full integration of technical products and services through its 6-axis current control IP, software-based speed + position + motion control library etc.