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Industrial automation and control

We specialize in broad range of industrial applications – motor control, smart meters, appliance controls, solar and wind energy applications and many more.


Taking flight with accurate distance measurement

Avnet brings you a true direct low power ToF sensor system that uses highly sensitive SPAD detection to measure distances accurately at very high speed. A sub-nanosecond light pulse also provides highly exact depth detection.

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A view to the future of home security

Designed to replace analog audio/visual system in a price sensitive market, Avnet's digital visual intercom & doorbell solution is low-cost yet brims with features.

139 SDSoC on Embedded Vision Kit_Grid

Giving visual advancements a new outlook

As a compelling video processing development platform, Avnet'd SDSoc Embedded Vision Kit is an unparalleled demonstration of an FPGA system performing various video and image processing applications.


Moving ahead in industry 4.0

Avnet’s STM Servo Motor Controller is a servo motion control solution for robots, automation equipment and servo control in industrial applications which enables servo position control with high efficiency.

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Gaining Control of Industrial Networking

Avnet’s complete platform release that includes both encoder and sensor-less field orientation vector control FPGA implementations.

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Taking video surveillance to the future

This MJPEG on Minized + TDNext camera offers complete video pipeline system implementation with motion JPEG compression engine as well as wireless video transmission over Wifi.


Taking the lead in machine learning

For machine learning on the edge network, the optimal tradeoff among latency, power, cost, flexibility, scalability and time-to-market is provided by Xilinx.

138 Object Recognition Embedded Vision Kit_Grid

Identifying New Possibilities In Object Recognition

Superior in many ways, Avnet Object Recognition Embedded Vision Kit is most highly regarded for its demonstration of a FPGA system performing video object recognition.

Turning HMI Into a Competitive Edge_Grid

Turning HMI Into a Competitive Edge

As a company renowned for market-leading innovations, Avnet continues to set new standards in the field of HMIs. Avnet’s HMI Peripheral Boards of note are designed to synergize perfectly with Avnet’s i.MX6UL SOM.


Getting in time for industry 4.0

Robust communication networks are critical for Industry 4.0 systems. There is therefore a pressing need for a high-assurance industrial networking platform that can satisfy the latest Time-Sensitive Networking standards.

Nuvoton IP Camera Platform_Grid

Realising new designs in IP cameras

For manufacturers looking to rise above the intensifying competition, Avnet has a ready IP camera solution that can bring their creations to life and accelerate their success in the market place.


Ultra96 accelerates autonomous robot

The TurtleBot3 Burger is a popular Robot Operating System (ROS) platform retrofitted with an Ultra96-V2 board, upgrading the capability from the Raspberry Pi board.