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Gaining control of industrial networking

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Rapid advancements in industrial networking has fueled the markets’ burgeoning interest in automation and robotics. In fact, focused technology acceleration has paved the way for the 4th industrial revolution, now commonly termed as Industrial IoT, where the power of connectivity introduces unprecedented business advantages that help industries compete around the world. 

To accelerate success in this field, Avnet employs our deep expertise in innovation to address the proliferating need for efficient and easy-to-use industrial control platform modules. The result is Avnet’s complete platform release that includes both encoder and sensor-less field orientation vector control FPGA implementations. Besides offering high efficiency, precision and response speed, motor control is completely implemented in FPGA logic, and it even comes complete with real-time industrial networking protocol that is Powerlink certified. 

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  • Back EMF sensing sensor-less FOC control
  • Hardware/software partitioning
       - PS: System control, display and host communications
       - PL: Performs complete motor control
         Park/ iPark transform
         Clark/ iClark transform
         PWM module
         PID control loop
  • Linux with QT environment
       - With mouse and keyboard support


Key components

  • AES-Z7EV-7Z020-G - Xilinx
  • AES-FMC-MC1-LT-G - Xilinx


Target applications

  • Robotic arm
  • Motor control


Block diagram

Diagram of Industrial Networking reference solution


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Reference Solutions

Industrial Solutions

We specialize in broad range of industrial applications – motor control, smart meters, appliance controls, solar and wind energy applications and many more.


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