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MJPEG on Minized + TDNext camera

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Taking video surveillance to the future

Video surveillance is increasing in sophistication with an ever-growing suite of features. While consumers are expecting more from their video systems, makers of industrial video, surveillance camera, wireless video and low latency limited bandwidth video systems are scrambling to stay ten steps ahead of the competition.

Here is where Avnet can help. Its MJPEG on Minized + TDNext camera offers complete video pipeline system implementation with motion JPEG compression engine as well as wireless video transmission over Wifi. This embedded vision development platform makes it easy to adopt Xilinx Zynq family of ARM plus FPGA Accelerated video processing platform at a low cost. Developing differentiated smart surveillance, video analytics and deep learning end products is also a breeze.

The platform is delivered with ready Software development kit so that users can start image processing algorithms out of the box.

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Features Resource Utilization

Complete Video pipeline system implementation with Motion JPEG compression engine. Wireless video transmission over Wifi.

  • Frame rate : 25 fps @ 1920x1080
  • Platform Linux OS runs web server and MJPEG streaming service

FLOP_LATCH          3420
LUT                          3736
MUXFX                     84
CARRY                     34
BMEM                       35
MULT                        9
DMEM                      117


Evaluation board/module Target Applications
  • Low latency high quality wireless video
  • Image analytics and event capture with compressed Image storage


Block Diagram

MJPEG on Minized + TDNext camera diagram


MiniZed Development Board - Grid


MiniZed Development Board

The MiniZed is a single-core Zynq 7Z007S development board with on-board connectivity through the Murata “Type 1DX” wireless module.

ISSI eMMC Memory, IS22ES04G

TD Next camera board - Grid


TDNext 1.26M pixel Pmod Camera Kit

The TDNext 1.26Mpixel Pmod camera kit features ON Semiconductor’s MT9M114, a 1/6-inch 1.26Mpixel CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1296 (H) × 976 (V).

ISSI eMMC Memory, IS22ES04G


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