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Moving ahead in industry 4.0

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With the advent of Industry 4.0, intelligent production is assuming a bigger and bigger role. Servo motor controllers play a vital part in this trend with their ability to provide precise angular positioning of the motor shaft. 

Avnet’s the STM Servo Motor Controller is a servo motion control solution for robots, automation equipment and servo control in industrial applications. This solution comes with an FOC arithmetic that enables servo position control with high efficiency, high reliability and low noise. Its servo position controller also features a sensor with an encoder resolution of 0.09 degrees. The STM32 Servo Motor Controller offers a simple solution that helps developers accelerate their design process.

Target applications 

  • Servo control
  • Automation equipment
  • Robot
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  • Servo position controller, the encoder resolution of the sensor can be reached 0.09 degrees (360/4000)
  • FOC arithmetic 
    • Higher efficiency, higher reliability
    • Lower noise
  • RS-485 industrial bus, Modbus
  • STM32F103, 72MHz, Cortex -M3
    • DSP and floating point unit 
    • 1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) 
    • 2 x 16-bit, 1.2 MSPS sample rate
    • Dual-sample and hold capability
    • 4- or 16-channel DMA
    • Encoder input 
STM32 Servo Motor Controller

Key components 

  • STM32F103C8T6   --    MCU
  • TSV912                   --    Amplifier
  • STD100N10F7*6    --    Mosfet
  • 6EDL04N06PT        --    Mosfet driver
  • MAX3085EESA      --    RS-485 Transceivers
  • L1715CV, L7805CV, L7833 -- LDO 

Block diagram

STM32 Servo Motor Controller

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