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Main Title - Object Recognition

Object Recognition Embedded Vision Kit

Mixed Media - 138 Object Recognition

Identifying New Possibilities In Object Recognition

Object recognition has come a long way since its introduction in the field of imaging technology. In the form of facial recognition, its compelling benefits have made it a common feature in many consumer photography applications. But in the broader commercial context, innovators are only just realizing the immense potential of object recognition, especially for the development of video analytic applications that are essential for industries like manufacturing and security.

Committed to helping engineers realize their breakthrough innovations, Avnet is proud to present the Object Recognition Embedded Vision Kit. Superior in many ways, the video processing platform is most highly regarded for its demonstration of a FPGA system performing video object recognition. And to help accelerate designs cycles as well as reduce time to market, the kit is comprehensive in performance, providing an end-to-end pipeline of video processing functions from video camera input to display output.

Long Copy - 138 Object Recognition

Features Key Components Target Applications
  • Video analytics development platform
  • Video processing development platform
  • Complete camera input with 1080p video output
  • HW/SW partitioning
  • PS: Keypoint processing
  • PL: Pixel processing
  • Linux with QT environment
       - With mouse and keyboard support
  • Resource utilisation (XC7Z020)


  • Rotot location
  • Monitoring and surveillance 
  • Image search



Block Diagram

Avnet Object Recognition Solution diagram


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