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Main Title - SDSoC

SDSoC on Embedded Vision Kit

Mixed Media - 139 SoSDC

Giving Visual Advancements A New Outlook

As our world progresses in the information age, human experiences are becoming increasingly visual-driven. Capitalizing on that trend, businesses are discovering innovation opportunities that never existed before. Technologies from industrial object recognition to surveillance are pushing the limits of design possibilities, each competing for breakthroughs that not only allow us to see more, but see better.

To empower technology designers with the latest in technological capabilities, Avnet offers the SDSoc Embedded Vision Kit. As a compelling video processing development platform, it is an unparalleled demonstration of an FPGA system performing various video and image processing applications. Adding greater flexibility and versatility is the kit’s end-to-end video processing functions that deliver everything from video camera input to display output, as well as allowing various reference designs that are available for download.

Long Copy - 139 SoSDC



  • Meta data Files for HW/SW description
  • Linux Kernel and file system
  • C Library (Standard C, OpenCV, V4L2, LibDRM)


Key Components


Target Applications

  • Sobel filter
  • Crowd monitor


Block Diagram

SDSoC on Embedded Vision Kit Diagram



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