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Turning HMI into a competitive edge


With human-machine interactions becoming more prevalent in consumer and industrial settings, well designed Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are essential not only for improving user experience, but for providing a powerful line of sight into system control, which in turn has a direct impact on productivity, efficiency and the prevention of downtime.

As a company renowned for market-leading innovations, Avnet continues to set new standards in the field of HMIs. Avnet’s HMI Peripheral Boards of note are designed to synergize perfectly with Avnet’s i.MX6UL SOM. And by providing every interface and connector optimized for quick evaluation and development of HMI applications, our platform gives today’s innovators a competitive advantage by letting them focus on product development and expedite time-to-market for their groundbreaking products.

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Features Systems
  • High performance 528 MHz Single Core Cortex-A7TM
  • NXP: i.MX6UL processor
  • Pixel pipeline provides 2D graphics acceleration
  • TRNG, crypto engines and secure boot
  • Display support: 24-bit parallel RGB LCD panel and capacitive/resistive touch panel
  • Storage: SD/SDIO/MMC card socket
  • Audio/video support: parallel camera connector, audio jack for headset, stereo speaker out and on-board microphone
  • USB 2.0 host and USB On-the-go (OTG)
  • Supports Ethernet/CAN Bus

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Reference Solutions

Industrial Solutions

We specialize in broad range of industrial applications – motor control, smart meters, appliance controls, solar and wind energy applications and many more.


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