Sitting at the heart of the global supply chain from the edge to the enterprise is Avnet. Our strong manufacturer relationships, extensive product portfolio, vast global resources and world-class services help our customers accelerate their IoT initiatives and seize more growth opportunities.


Asset management in real time

Avnet offers an asset management solution with a multi-function tracker. Its sensing functions can detect location (via GPS), temperature, humidity, direction, asset position and any quick movements like falling.

Propelling the transformation of construction

By providing the technological solutions used in the management of the cloud-based portal, Avnet is helping to expedite the digital transformation of construction.

Taking advertising to the future

Smart Digital Signage Solution is a intelligent solution which is able to measure the number of audience passing by and stopping at the digital signage machine.

Making smart cities smarter

Based on ST products and supported by the ST S2-LP series, Avnet redefines the power of Sigfox and elevates it to the next level by incorporating GPS tracking and ultrasonic sensing capabilities.

A brighter idea for lighting

With Bluetooth SIG Mesh technology, lighting now becomes more advanced and innovative. By incorporating into Nordic (Thingy52) mesh demo, it enables the exchange of information between the mesh network and the mobile device.

Setting the standard for WiFi power plug_Grid

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Setting the standard for WiFi power plug solutions

Internet-enabled power plug solutions let us monitor and measure usage conveniently, maintain safety levels and even protect our homes and valuable electronic investments against electrical faults.

Gain full control of your home with BLE HomeKit_Grid

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Gain full control of your home with BLE HomeKit

The Homekit applications supported by Avnet demo kit include fans, garage door openers, light bulbs, power outlets, temperature control and humidity controls.

Accelerating smart gateways for connected lives_Grid

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Smart gateway

From smart home solutions to industrial and medical electronics, people across the world are not just amazed by the vast possibilities enabled by IoT, they are astounded by the speed at which they are entering our lives.

Meeting your surveillance needs

The Smart Edge Network Surveillance Platform provides users with comprehensive tools and models which utilize deep compression and hardware-accelerated Deep Learning technology.

Securing IoT connections to the cloud easily

With the increasing number of attacks on embedded systems, there is an urgent need for high-end security solutions. To meet these needs, Avnet and Infineon bring you the OPTIGA™ Trust M and OPTIGA™ TPM to secure both your home and your vehicle.

Linking up the entire smart city

Avnet’s NB IoT platform makes it easy for companies to connect a whole gamut of devices for home, industrial and smart city applications like smart metering, parking, street lighting and portable health care.

Sowing the seeds of transformation

With its wide coverage, low data rate and low power consumption, Sigfox is the LPWAN technology that is particularly suited for IoT in agriculture.

Discovering horizons in LoRaWAN

By leveraging the power of the muRata LoRa module with Cisco gateway to maximize IoT functions, Avnet further fuels the potential of LoRA and sets new benchmarks for innovation.

Leading in LED light applications

With Bluetooth SIG Mesh technology, lighting now becomes more advanced and innovative. By incorporating into Nordic (Thingy52) mesh demo, it enables the exchange of information between the mesh network and the mobile device.

BLE plays key role in smart homes_Grid

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BLE plays key role in smart homes

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is fast gaining popularity as the preferred solution for smart homes due to its lower cost, low power consumption, easy development and good interoperability.

Harnessing the potential of IP cameras_Grid

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Harnessing the potential of IP cameras

Advanced to its current and most popular form, Avnet’s Nuvoton IP camera platform leverage the power and convenience of WiFi connectivity.

Managing waste more effectively

Avnet offers a simple and effective way to manage waste with Smart Bin. All that’s required to use this solution is to install the sensor (Lidar) on the rubbish bin.

The face of advanced camera technology

Facial recognition cameras are gaining widespread adoption as they can instantly improve security and customer experience. Faces that are captured in videos can be matched against a database of faces and used differently in different applications.

The trusted hardware for IoT

With its built-in community and security features, Microsoft Azure Sphere has become the trusted application platform for Internet-connected devices. And Microsoft has in turn entrusted Avnet to distribute Azure Sphere.

Getting a headstart in NB IoT

Designers looking to develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices utilizing NB IoT network easily need look no further than the Avnet NB IoT Starter Kit.

Arduino compatibility provides ultimate flexibility

The Avnet NB-IoT Sensor Shield is a Cat M1 and NB-IoT board providing Arduino pinout connectors. The Arduino compatibility provides ultimate flexibility, leveraging on a huge ecosystem of compatible boards.


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Accelerating the development of motor control

Xilinx has launched a series of Industrial IoT solutions and motor control is one of the applications. One such application is the Electronic Drive Development Platform (EDDP) Motor Control Kit with Motor & Power Supplies.

Shining the spotlight on commercial lighting

Commercial lighting makers are constantly looking for a low cost, simple solution for their lighting applications. To cater to this demand, Avnet has brought out a low BOM cost solution.

A lighting solution for smart homes_Grid

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A lighting solution for smart homes

Breaking the boundaries of traditional design, Avnet’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Light Bulb solution charts new territories with the benefits of smart lighting.

Securing the potential of IoT_Grid

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Securing the potential of IoT with Infineon OPTIGA

The Infineon OPTIGA IoT Security solution incorporates a secure element device in an IoT node reference design which helps decrease the risk of data breaches.

Home safety system

Avnet’s Home Safety Sensor Hub solution is a holistic one-stop ecosystem designed to allow access to critical data from a user-friendly mobile application.

Boosting the mobility of IoT

Avnet has developed a Mobile IoT Starter Kit which is packed with features like multiple sensors for environment/motion sensing, a GPS sensor for location tracking and a display for development and debug purposes.

Accelerating the development of MCU devices

The Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 starter kit, modules and guardian-100 enable the rapid prototyping of end-to-end IoT implementations on Microsoft Azure Sphere.

A total solution for IoT applications

Data security and connectivity needs are key concerns for the rapidly rising number of IoT applications. USI and Microsoft have teamed up to open up an additional avenue for addressing these concerns.


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Making the IoT more secure

Unauthorized access to the network can lead to security issues. It is important to add a secure element on the IoT device to ensure authorized access and use. Avnet brings you the power of the Infineon OPTIGA Trust B IoT Security solution.


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Taking near field communication further

NFC is becoming an increasingly common feature in smart phones and other mobile devices. Not only has this technology led to the rapid adoption of digital payments, but it has opened up new possibilities in industrial applications.


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Unlocking the future of security

Smart locks are replacing conventional locks everywhere. However, security and battery life pose challenges to the adoption of smart locks. Avnet has addressed these challenges with its Smart Lock solution.

Enhancing the PIR based motion sensor

Using changes in infrared radiation to sense movement, the ceiling or wall mounted Passive Infrared (PIR) based motion sensor is a popular choice for lighting systems.

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