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Reference Solutions

Leading in LED light applications

LED light applications have their own special set of requirements. Avnet’s reference design for these applications ticks all the boxes. For one, the HV98101 LED driver Integrated Circuit (IC) it utilises is an off-line, high-power factor, buck-boost controller that is targeted at general LED lighting products. 

Other plus points include non-isolated flyback topology, good LED current regulation, 0.95 power factor and 82% efficiency. Best of all, the small size of this LED driver makes it particularly ideal as an LED light application.


  • Input : 180V-264Vac;
  • Output : 90-100V/40mA;
  • Non-isolated Flyback Topology;
  • Good LED Current Regulation;
  • 0.95 Power Factor;
  • 82% Efficiency;
  • 54(L)*34(W)*14(H) Power Size

Target Applications

  • LED Bulb


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