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Linking up the entire smart city

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radio technology developed to connect a wide range of devices and services. As it’s based on the mature LTE network, there is no need to build extra network infrastructure, dramatically reducing total costs. The lower cost and power consumption are in turn spurring the growth of IoT, increasing connections between devices and enabling them to deliver IoT services easily.

Avnet’s NB IoT platform makes it easy for companies to connect a whole gamut of devices for home, industrial and smart city applications like smart metering, parking, street lighting and portable health care. On top of the built-in motion and temperature humidity sensors, more sensors can be added via its Arduino Uno V3 & ST Morpho extension slot. The NB IoT LPWAN also enables raw sensor data to be updated on the cloud.


  • Single band NB-IoT LPWAN, B5/B8/B20 optional
  • Low power consumption M0 or M4 MCU
  • On board G sensor and humidity sensor
  • Optional BLE V4.2 connectivity
  • Arduino Uno V3 & ST Morpho extension slot
  • ST-Link interface for s/w debug

Key Components

  • Quectel BC95 B5/B8/B20/B28
  • ST32L072 or ST32L476
  • ST BlueNRG-132, BALF-NRG-01D3
  • MIC29302BU, LD39050PU33R
  • ST LIS2DH12TR, HTS221
  • Molex & muRata & ACX IP&E

Target Applications

  • Metering - Water/ Electric/ Gas/ Heat
  • Home Appliance
  • Sensor for industrial applications
  • Smart parking & bicycle lock
  • Street lighting
  • Portable healthy care instrument

Block diagram

Linking up the entire smart city



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