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Propelling the transformation of construction

IoT is being increasingly incorporated into the construction industry, with more and more end devices being developed into connected devices. As a key enabler in IPWAN, Avnet is able to offer a complete end-to-enterprise solution in IoT communication technologies like Sigfox. 

One integrated device used in construction is the smart safety hamlet. This smart solution enables the remote monitoring of health and safety data via a tailor-made onsite positioning technology using GPS and BLE. The GPS and related info are then transmitted to the cloud using Sigfox. By providing the technological solutions used in the management of the cloud-based portal, Avnet is helping to expedite the digital transformation of construction. 

Target Application

  • Smart safety hamlet


  • Heart rate and body temperature monitoring
  • Accelerometer and altimeter
  • Gas detection
  • GPS location tracking
  • Accessories include flashlight, walkie talkie, video cam and fan
  • Effective communication to the cloud by different LPWAN technologies, including Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT


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