Securing the potential of IoT with Infineon OPTIGA

The life-enhancing potential of IoT thrives on the ability to share, transfer and access vast amounts of information over wide arrays of devices. Such convenience, however, increases the risk of data breaches and thus calls for robust security technologies to protect sensitive data. That is why Avnet brings you the power of Infineon whose solutions could prove to be an asset to your IoT designs.

The Infineon OPTIGA IoT Security solution incorporates a secure element device in an IoT node reference design. Built for exceptional versatility, it comes complete with a sensor hub with sensors from ST Micro, and a BLE module designed around Dialog Semi. Most impressively, Infineon’s OPTIGA Trust products offer an extensive range of security chips to enable embedded authentication in security applications, thereby ensuring that you will always have a suitable security solution for every innovative design.

Target Applications

  • IoT Node and Gateway Security
  • Product authentication and brand protection
  • Enhanced security for high valued goods
Circuit board and smart phone
Features Key Components Optiga Usage
  • With Infineon Optiga trust SLS10ERE inserted: Smartphone app can read sensor data and control LED via BLE DA14681
  • With security module removed, Smartphone app cannot read sensor data and control LED via BLE DA14681
  • SLS10ERE ( Infineon)
  • DA14681 (Dialog)
  • M452LG5AE (Nuvoton)
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Consumer electronics and accessories
  • Smart home and home automation
  • PKI networks
  • Original replacement parts
  • Diagnostic and healthcare equipment and networks
  • Energy generation and distribution systems


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