Smarter home automation

The prevalence of home automation today calls for a smart home system that is versatile and powerful. Avnet has developed such a Smart Home concept based on NXP KW Series SoC. This system is able to incorporate various parts like Gateway, Smart Devices and APP into it.
It also supports a number of protocols, including the ZigBee, Lighting, Air-conditioner and PIR Motion Sensor protocols. The Zigbee protocol, in particular, is well suited for embedded applications like home automation. Besides being able to connect with different sensors, this superb protocol can support multiple nodes and types of applications.


  • Supports ZigBee (HA) Protocol
  • Supports Lighting On/Off, Dimming
  • Supports Automatic Curtain Control
  • Supports Air-conditioner Control
  • Supports Intelligent Panel Control
  • Supports PIR Motion Control
  • APP/Tablet Control
  • Compatible with Any Routers
  • Supports > 100 Nodes


  • NXP K64 (ARM M4)
  • NXP KW40Z (HA)
  • NXP KL02 (MCU)


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