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The adoption of technology and mechanisation is rapidly gaining pace in the agricultural sector. This includes the increasing spread of IoT and connected devices.  And with its wide coverage, low data rate and low power consumption, Sigfox is the LPWAN technology that is particularly suited for IoT in agriculture. 

Avnet is driving innovation in this field with its Horticulture Sensor Node. Key factors like the soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric humidity and atmospheric temperature can now be easily monitored. The sensor data can then be transmitted over the Sigfox network. The enhancement in analysis and behavioural study that results is a great boost to agricultural productivity.


  • MCU - ST Ins. AMP, Load Switch
  • Battery Charger, Rel-Humidity Sensor - TI
  • Sigfox module


  • This board includes the electronics to sense the soil temperature, soil moisture atmospheric humidity and atmospheric temperature.
  • Sensors in the Agriculture Sense 2.0 board
  • Atmospheric Humidity and Temperature Sensor,
  • Soil Temperature Sensor socket, RTD
  • Soil Moisture, conductivity based.
  • Sensor board can transmit data to Communication unit.
  • This system is battery powered and this battery is charging from solar light, therefore long battery life assured.

Target applications

SigFox module

  • Specifically designed to transmit measured sensor data over Sigfox/LoRa network and therefore analysis and behavioral study in agricultural field


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