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Taking near field communication further

Near Field Communication (NFC) is becoming an increasingly common feature in smart phones and other mobile devices. Not only has this technology led to the rapid adoption of digital payments, but it has opened up new possibilities in industrial applications as well. These include automatic meter reading and smart grid implementations for applications like those that enable secure pre-payment via NFC-enabled phones and those that equip consumers with mobile apps for personal energy management.

Avnet team has developed an NFC reader module to help manufacturers stay ahead of the field. With this module, NFC technology can be integrated and implemented faster into smart meter designs and other applications that may require secure payment features.

Key Components

  • NFC and MCU from ST Micro


  • High performance HF reader / NFC initiator with 1.4 W supporting VHBR and AAT
  • Transparent and Stream modes to implement MIFARE™ Classic compliant or other custom protocols.
  • Supports ISO 14443A and B reader (including high bit rates), ISO 15693 reader and FeliCa™
  • Capacitive sensing - Wake-up for low power mode.
  • Automatic antenna tuning system providing tuning of antenna LC tank
  • DPO (Dynamic Power Output) to increase the power and range
  • Supported interfaces: UART
  • 6 Mbit/s SPI with 96 bytes FIFO
  • Oscillator input capable of operating with 13.56 MHz or 27.12 MHz crystal with fast start-up
  • 2.4 V to 5.5 V power supply
  • Typical communication range ~5cm

Target Applications

  • Smart metering
  • Digital payment

Block diagram

Making the IoT more secure



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