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The face of advanced camera technology

Facial recognition cameras are gaining widespread adoption as they can instantly improve security and customer experience. Faces that are captured in videos can be matched against a database of faces and used differently in different applications in real time.

Avnet has introduced an advanced facial recognition camera based on massive neural networks, enabling a powerful algorithm that runs on a large-scale face database. The use of Deephi's exclusive Deep Compression technology makes it possible to run this powerful neural network on Xilinx's cost-effective FPGAs. Face detection, tracing and quality filtering as well as face feature extraction and comparison can even be supported. What’s more, external linkage devices can be directly controlled through I/O while a built-in supercap protects the data integrity of the TF Card. And with its asymmetric SOC architecture, IPCamera SOC and FPGA, this camera doesn’t just pack a punch, but performs professionally as well.


  • Asymmetric SOC architecture: IP Camera SOC + FPGA, powerful and professional.
  • Large-scale neural networks training on large scale face database.
  • Face detection performance of up to 30fps.Minimum detectable face: 30x30 pixels.
  • Face feature extraction performance of up to 20 faces/second.
  • Up to 1:30000/1:100000 face pictures match
  • Built-in supercap helps to protect data integrity on TF card
  • Smart AE based on face detection

Target applications

  • Smart community
  • New retail
  • Attendance
  • Smart shop
  • Access control
  • Transportation
  • Entrance
  • Campus
  • Buildings


Facial Recognition Camera


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