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Welcome to Avnet Asia’s solutions center to learn more about our solutions

Stay attuned to latest market movements with Avnet’s complete portfolio of innovative solutions, specifically suited to your changing needs in an evolving business landscape. Increase your business capabilities with our full range of solutions, designed to provide end-to-end support throughout your product life cycle. You may also download Avnet Asia's most updated solution guide here.

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IoT world

Sitting at the heart of the global supply chain from the edge to the enterprise is Avnet.

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Consumer Solutions

Computing solutions

With Avnet’s computing offering, you have a complete set of technologies at your disposal, and an experienced team to help develop the right solution.

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Automotive solutions

From connected cars, security, safety to energy saving, our expertise in automobile will support your innovations, enable interactions between cars, people and infrastructures.

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Consumer Solutions

Communication solutions

In today’s world, we expect instant access to everyone at any time. Wired or wireless, mobile, video or text, in any and all combinations, Avnet will guide you to the right solution and provide the support to make it happen.

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Consumer Solutions

Consumer solutions

Find the latest consumer solutions and technical expertise to shorten your design cycles and get your products to market faster

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Wireless charging

The current wave of wireless charging technology, fueled by the new iPhone from Apple, is showing strong momentum growth. Semiconductor suppliers around the world have started making substantial investments in new IC solutions.

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Industrial solutions

We specialize in broad range of industrial applications – motor control, smart meters, appliance controls, solar and wind energy applications and many more.

Smart Automotive Solution Guide - Grid

Solution Guide

The journey to the future

Avnet Solution Guide for Smart Automotive

Smart Wireless Charging Solution Guide - Grid

Solution Guide

Power ahead with portable performance

Avnet solution guide for portable charging

Smart Automotive Solution Leaflet - Grid

Solution Guide

Drive Into a World of Possibilities

Avnet Automotive Solution

Smart Wireless Charging Insert - Grid

Solution Guide

Charged for performance

Avnet portable charging solutions

Smart Home Solution Guide - Grid

Solution Guide

Welcome to a world enabled by technology

Avnet Solution Guide for Smart Homes

Avnet Xilinx Solution Guide - Grid




Smart Home Solution Leaflet - Grid

Solution Guide

Connected, Convenient and Secure

Avnet Smart Home Solution