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The first step in getting from idea to product and product to market

Bringing a product to market takes many steps. Each step raises new questions, which require new answers. At the same time, design engineers and line of business managers alike can find themselves struggling to piece together scattered information or get details on how products actually work within a design, leaving them without the knowledge they need to make educated decisions.

That’s why Avnet has assembled everything you need to get the job done, starting first with easy access to the resources and information you need to turn your idea into a product.

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This discussion-based community allows engineers to solve each other’s technical and design challenges. See the projects that other engineers are working on, learn from their experiences and from online training, and get help optimizing designs.

  • See real products in real designs
  • Join discussions with global experts and solve challenges together
  • Research, train on and test technology—from the basics to the newest market entrants
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This community is designed to help anyone learn about hardware. Gain knowledge and skills by learning from others—online or in-person.

  • Learn how to create and program connected hardware
  • Collaborate with peers as well as experts on projects
  • Join online or in-person training in more than 60 locations
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Ask Avnet

Ask Avnet is a digital platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise to enhance the online customer experience. The tool anticipates a customer’s next move and provides them with the best answer, rather than a list of all possible answers, while also facilitating interactive discussions.

  • Connect intelligently to Avnet, and element14\
  • Link with customer service and technical support agents 24/7
  • Speak with a Field Application Engineer (FAE) when you need further assistance
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BOM upload

This free tool is loaded with features to help you create, manage, customize and purchase bills of materials.

  • Understand lead times for products of interest
  • Access design quantities for prototype-level research
  • Gain digital access to BOMs to help identify costs before designing and prototyping
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Product Planner

This low-cost tool helps you understand manufacturing costs—before production. It’s more powerful than spreadsheets but less painful than enterprise systems.

  • Organize and collaborate on your product data
  • Walk away with meaningful manufacturing insights
  • Get the most from your BOM
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