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Digging into the facts of your supply-chain

You want the highest level of efficiency in your supply-chain at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. You’re just not sure if you’re achieving it and really don’t have any way to tell. Avnet’s supply-chain experts can clear up any doubts with our logistical analysis process. Our methodology includes benchmarking and analysis using our proprietary calculators after conducting a thorough diagnosis of your end-to-end supply-chain.

Once the diagnosis is completed, we’ll sit down with you and review our findings. We’ll point to areas where process improvement, a different way of demand planning or inventory management will deliver the results you’re looking for. Ultimately this means finding ways to increase throughput or reduce touch points or bottlenecks that impact your overall supply-chain and production process.


You’ll be able to visibly see areas where you can save when we show you the findings from our Rapid Benefits Estimation Tools (RaBET™). RaBET is a software program using your specific cost information or recognized industry standards to estimate and compare your costs before and after implementation of the Avnet recommended solutions.  A foundational element of the solutions we recommend is built on a Forecast, Action, Contract, Trigger model we call FACT®. Each step in the FACT model is driven by the prior step and is closed loop to enable the system to learn and adjust along the way.

Having a plan to take you to the financial and efficiency results you want is the first step, putting together a course of action is the next. Our supply-chain expert will put together an actionable roadmap covering every task and milestone with a specific timeline and named owners. We call this tool Safe Passage® and it’s the blueprint for success. 

Once we agree on the Safe Passage details, it’s time to execute the plan. All along the way we’ll hold regular update sessions to show you progress and once implemented we’ll show you results

Supply-chain logistical analysis