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Risk Mitigation and Assurance of Supply

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Increase peace of mind with risk mitigation

Operational efficiency and financial improvements are two things you’ve come to expect from your supply-chain strategy. You can have the best, most thought out plan where if everything goes perfectly you’ll get you to where you want to be. The unfortunate reality is that challenges from internal and external factors will arise along the way. Having Avnet as your supply-chain partner means these challenges are anticipated, planned for and minimized through our risk mitigation and assurance of supply practices.

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We start early in the planning process to identify potential issues and build contingencies into the model. The insights we gain during diagnostic discovery along with the use of the Rapid Benefit Estimation Tool (RaBET™) calculator point to specific items for us to focus on. As we go on to build your implementation plan, using our Safe Passage® methodology, we incorporate these contingencies into the overall workflow.

Quite often the source of the challenge is the availability of product. Avnet’s Forecast, Action, Contract, Trigger (FACT®) model is the first step towards risk mitigation and an assured source of supply. Keeping the pipelines flowing and monitoring supply-side and demand-side activity is critical to eliminating shortages or unnecessary inventory buildup.

Spikes in demand or shifts in lead time are another source of challenge. Avnet provides a variety of supply-chain services which will be customized into your solution to alleviate this challenge.

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