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Getting parts to the production line faster

Having Avnet operate an In-Plant Store (IPS) within your production facility saves you time and money while reducing cycle times and inventory shortages during production runs. Letting Avnet take responsibility for materials management, shipping, receiving, stocking and getting parts to the line frees up time for the rest of your operation to do higher value tasks.

To start, Avnet will setup a secure, ESD protected area at a convenient location inside your building. Avnet staffs the IPS with individuals who take responsibility for monitoring inventory levels and pipelines to ensure the right flow of materials. They’ll place orders on our central stocking locations when replenishment as needed and as an added benefit, Avnet picks up the inbound freight cost. They take care of stocking the inventory at the IPS, cycle counting and preparing orders to transfer stock to your production lines. You’ll have complete visibility into all activities with our robust reporting tools.

When you collaborate with Avnet on an IPS, you’ll get a highly efficient, cost effective, just-in-time (JIT) solution for keeping your product lines flowing.

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  • On-site Inventory
  • Inventory cost exposure initiated at point of use transfer, Avnet owns inventory until release.
  • On-site quoting and procurement support
  • Inventory based on MRP or forecast
  • Receiving inspection performed by Avnet
  • Avnet absorbs freight costs
  • ESD Certification
  • Inventory rotation as appropriate for product type
  • Supply base consolidation
In-plant stores