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Inventory and Order Visibility

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Keeping an eye on your supply-chain

With your supply-chain it’s the individual details that bring the big picture together. Having the ability to see the current status of your inventory and your orders is critical to hitting your objectives. At Avnet, our job is to give you easy access to the most current information in a convenient manner. We provide secure web-based programs and tools as part of Avnet’s Point of Use Replenishment System (POURS®) that provide you with visibility, self-service and flexibility to easily control your supply chain including order status, pricing, inventory management, placing orders and more. *

Additionally, Avnet provides you with current updates via our EDI connections and also with a number of different system generated reports.

Our tools allow you to answers important question about your Avnet POURS supply-chain solution in real time, around the clock.

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Transparent supply chain visibility

  • Orders/shipments
  • Invoices
  • Waybill information
  • Forecast and Response to forecast
    • Green/Yellow/Red format
    • Bond and Avnet available inventory included
    • Release order
  • Bond/Pipeline
    • Bond and Avnet available inventory included
    • Avnet available inbound pipeline in addition to customer specific pipeline.
  • PCN/EOL notifications
  • My Catalog
    • All parts managed by Avnet
  • Data refreshes every 24 hours
  • Ability to schedule reports or export data to excel for data analysis and manipulation

* Features may vary by region. Contact your Avnet Supply-Chain specialist for details.

Supply-chain visibility

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Avnet is at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalize on emerging markets. We see over the horizon to be prepared for future markets.

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