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Point of use replenishment at the heart of the action

The closer you are to the production line, when it comes to inventory replenishment, the more efficient you’ll be at forecasting and meeting just in time (JIT) requirements. When you combine this efficiency with a high degree of accuracy, your profits and service levels go up while your overall costs go down. With Avnet’s Point of Use Replenishment System (POURS™), you’ll experience these results and a whole lot more.

Using POURS software and a bar code scanner, you’re able to replenish your components pipeline to ensure the continued flow of parts on the manufacturing floor. Avnet’s innovative POURS web-based turnkey solution uses bar code scanning as a trigger for efficient replenishment. This highly automated and proven solution works perfectly in JIT/Kanban, consignment, and vendor managed inventory (VMI) scenarios where speed and simplicity are crucial for a streamlined fulfillment process of material replenishment.

POURS can manage inventory at multiple sites or locations and with multiple suppliers, which allows for a consistent process for all of your materials.  With POURS in place you have end-to-end connections from your production line to Avnet’s global and regional facilities directly supporting your supply-chain strategy.

Primary benefits:

  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduction in excess inventory
  • Reduction in inventory shortages
  • Reduction in total inventory on hand
  • Reduction in order administration
  • Reduction in stock out situations
  • Reduction in line down situations
  • Quick implementation
  • Reduced burden on internal IT resources
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