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Just-in-Time Inventory

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Just-in-Time (JIT) gets your products delivered right on time

You’re looking for the right balance between capitalizing on market demand and keep your inventory costs down. To achieve the right balance, you don’t want your materials management team spending time monitoring inventory levels of your production bills of materials (BOM). Avnet’s Just-in-Time (JIT) programs are the solution that get you the balance you’re looking for without driving up your total costs.

Avnet has integrated JIT programs into a variety of different supply-chain services giving you the flexibility to adopt the solution that fits best for you. You can determine the mix of products you want managed in a JIT program to ensure uninterrupted production runs without building up excess inventory.

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Point of use replenishment system (POURS)

A POURS model uses bar code scans at the production line as a trigger mechanism to send parts to the line and move inventory from a central location to a local or on-site warehouse. The data captured in POURS, coupled with your projections, is used to determine stocking levels and initiate pipeline orders.


Just in time inventory service

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InPlant stores (IPS)

An IPS provides an on-site stocking location managed by Avnet specialists that feeds inventory to the production line in near real-time. The Avnet team manages the materials and warehousing processes. You’re invoiced for only the parts you consume as Avnet manages the flow of parts to the IPS.

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Kanban models are a scheduling system for lean and just-in-time (JIT) production environments.  A Kanban system is used to control the inventory levels to support a manufacturing environment based on level loaded physical bins or virtual bins to support replenishment on getting that empty bin filled.

Just in time inventory service

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Avnet owns the inventory at your location an invoices you on a frequency basis based on the units you consume. Forecasts are established to keep product on the shelf while keeping your costs down and your cash-flow up.

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jit programs

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Avnet is at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalize on emerging markets. We see over the horizon to be prepared for future markets.

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