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Obsolescence Services

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Solutions for maintaining your supply of end-of-life components

All products follow a lifecycle and at some point all components reach end-of-life (EOL) and obsolescence. This could be a real challenge if an end-of-life component is still an active part in your Bill of Materials (BOM). With Avnet as your partner, you can rely on the systems and services we have in place to minimize the impact on your production process.

It starts with an early warning that a component’s end-of-life is near. As an authorized source for every product we offer, our deep manufacturer relationships provide advance notice of the upcoming change. We’re able to systemically identify if you’re actively or have previously used the EOL device. We’ll then proactively notify you of the upcoming change and provide recommended replacement options whenever possible. Our technical experts will work on getting the new option qualified so you can plan a smooth transition.

While our technical team is working on the design side, our supply specialists will be working on the sourcing side. They’ll review pipelines, open orders and run rates to collaborate with you on your requirements. Together we’ll develop a plan of action and our team will then implement it. We’re an authorized partner with many of our suppliers as source for their end-of-life and obsolete products.

We’ve also got you covered when it comes to traceability. Avnet EOL services, systems and warehousing support the unique needs of EOL and obsolete inventory. Our customized inventory management systems provide date code, lot code and package level details by part. From a quality standpoint our warehousing and logistics centers are certified to ISO 9001, ESD 20.20, IEC 61340-5-1 and TAPA Class A standards.

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