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Keeping the lines running when demand shifts

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An unexpected spike in demand for your product is a great thing, as long as you can meet the demand. When you partner with Avnet on your supply-chain, we can establish a safety stock program to cover you in these situations. Avnet supply-chain analysts will manage the details so ‘just in case’ is ready just in time. Our team looks at your run rates, forecasts, pipeline orders and factory lead times to recommend the right amount of safety stock. We’ll work with you to determine which parts warrant safety stock and meet with you regularly to review performance reports.

Avnet’s Bonded Inventory Planning Program (BIPP) is an entry-level program if you’re just beginning to operate collaboratively with their supply chain partners. Using your assigned supply chain analyst and automated planning tools, the BIPP model bonds inventory in Avnet’s corporate distribution centers, monitors inventory levels and pipelines MRP requirements out to a manufacturer’s lead-time.

Safety stock is also a great tool for avoiding shortages caused by extended lead times. Avnet’s supply-chain analysts track lead times diligently for you. They’re always on the lookout to spot changes early on to minimize the potential impact on your production schedule.

Safety Stock