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EBV - Careers - Working at EBV Mixed Media

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Global business is one of EBV’s great advantages and key strength. A wide-spread variety of our different employees’ social and specialized abilities, working experience and qualifications constitutes us as a reliable business partner in the global distribution market and contributes to EBV’s success. We are a multicultural company, where everyone - regardless of age, gender, origin or disablity - has equal opportunity to contribute to the company´s achievements. Our Managers at all levels are actively encouraged to promote diversity when considering recruitment and career develpment choice. Our goal is to lead by example at any time. At EBV we say yes to cultural diversity and take care, that it works as part of our daily interaction.

EBV - Careers - Employee value proposition (LC)

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Employee value proposition

EBV's EVP attributes are:


We excite and captivate enthusiastic, accomplished and intellectually curious people who are collaborative and resourceful to deliver extra-ordinary value.


In exchange we deliver a fulfilling work experience engaging you to thrive and inspire others.


As an Employer EBV ensures your personal growth and vitality by providing experiences and learning opportunities enabling you to build a successful career.


High performance is rewarded as we show appreciation by giving recognition to acknowledge and differentiate performance that delivers remarkable results. With our EVP, we want expressly state our strategic intent and articulate what Employees can expect in their career experience with EBV.

EBV - Careers - Compensation and benefits (LC)

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Compensation & benefits

Our performance-based compensation applies to all employees working for EBV. 

Base Compensation: Each EBV Employee is given a fixed salary based on the job characteristics, market competitiveness and qualification. Salary growth depends on individual performance and level compared to benchmark. 

Variable Compensation: The individual Variable Compensation Plan is reviewed each year based on individual, group or business area performance and targets

Benefits: EBVs benefits are part of the total compensation policy and strategy and designed to meet the challenges of a growing, global competition for talent. Our benefit structure is aligned to local legislation and practices in each country and established to provide framework of security for our entire workforce.

EBV - Careers - Growing at EBV Mixed Media (MM)

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Growing at EBV

We hire exceptional employees and invest in their growth as EBV values your specialist knowledge. We are interested in you as individual and in all the skills you have to offer and want to build up a long-term working relationship with you. That´s why we actively promote your professional and personal development. Our training development activities help to keep your knowledge and qualifications up to date. Whether you need to polish up on the latest in business or technology, working methods, communication skills or project management, one of our wide array of trainings is tailor-made for you and speed up your further development.

EBV is a demanding employer, continuously looking for buiness acumen and willingness to assume responsibility. In return, we offer wide-ranging opportunities for highly motivated Employees with a good team spirit. In special, EBV also lays the foundation for providing its Employees challenging assignments, increasing responsibility and sufficient scope to shape their own business world.

EBV - Careers - Job Openings (GBL)

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Job Openings

View the latest vacancies and apply online at our EMEA job portal.

Careers Infoflyer Ausbildung Box (GBLS)

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Ausbildung in Deutschland

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EBV- Careers - Working at EBV (GBL)

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Working at EBV

A wide-spread variety of our different employees’ social and specialized abilities, working experience and qualifications contributes to EBV’s success.

EBV- Careers - Joining the team (GBL)

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Joining the team

Graduates, young professionals or experienced professionals, we have the right opportunities for you to achieve success at EBV.

EBV - About EBV Elektronik (GBL) grey

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About EBV Elektronik

EBV will remain the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution by being the partner of choice for its customers, suppliers and employees.