Xilinx develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms that enable rapid innovation across a variety of technologies – from the endpoint to the edge to the cloud. Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, hardware programmable SoCs and the ACAP, designed to deliver the most dynamic processor technology in the industry and enable the adaptable, intelligent and connected world of the future. For more information, visit www.xilinx.com.

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The Ultra96-V2 updates and refreshes the Ultra96 product that was released in 2018. Like Ultra96, the Ultra96-V2 is an Arm-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC development board based on the Linaro 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) specification.

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Image of Xilinx Ultra96 V2 board

Webinar: Getting Started with the Ultra96-V2 Development Board

Available on demand

This training is held by Mario Bergeron. Mario is a Technical Marketing Engineer for Avnet, specialized in embedded vision and machine learning. After his degree in Computer Engineering (B.Sc.) from Université Laval in Québec City, he started his career as an ASIC designer, and has since then accumulated over 25 years of DSP and FPGA based embedded design experience. Present activities include deep learning platforms, reference designs, and customer training.

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Hackster.io Xilinx Projects

Everything you need to get going fast!

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Accelerating AI Camera Development with Xilinx Vitis

Check out the On-Demand webinar from Xilinx. During this webinar we will explore this topic from a variety of different perspectives.

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SoC Portfolio

Xilinx’s SoC portfolio integrates the software programmability of a processor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA, providing you with unrivaled levels of system performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Xilinx Live Webinar: From ADAS to AVs | EBV Elektronik

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Xilinx Webinar: From ADAS to AV’s – Powering Next-Generation Automotive Solutions

Online, On Demand

Semiconductors have enabled most of the recent advances in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), vehicle computing systems and gateways, digital cockpits and autonomous functionality. Beyond these advancements, this webcast will discuss what’s in store for the industry as the next generation of automotive tech emerges, and the challenges facing OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as they brace for new curves in the market.

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U250 Alveo™ Data Center Accelerator Cards

Learn about Xilinx® U250 Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards, designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the modern Data Center.

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Featured product highlights

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Xilinx Acceleration Solutions for Software Developers

Vitis™ Unified Software Platform (Vitis USP) is created to simplify the development of highly optimized hardware-accelerated applications on programmable Xilinx platforms, including FPGAs, SoCs MPSoCs, and Versal ACAPs.

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Driving Automotive Innovation with Xilinx

From automation to electrification to infotainment and beyond, we’re helping our customers like you deliver the next generation of cutting edge automotive designs.

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Xilinx MiniZed Development Board

Featuring a Zynq Z7007S, which integrates an Arm Cortex-A9 processor with Xilinx Artix-7 programmable logic, the MiniZed is a low-cost yet versatile development board targeted for entry-level Zynq designs.

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Xilinx Alveo

Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards are the most efficient processing accelerators available to date, delivering the highest performance per watt, which makes them a perfect choice for deployment both in the cloud and in on-premises data centers.

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