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Portable Solutions for the Internet of Things


Portable solutions for the Internet of Things

Smart plasters, fitness trackers, smart textiles, sports watches and shoes, networked glasses, intelligent MultiSport sensor platforms... wearables – as agreed by experts around the world – are “the next big thing”. These portable mini-computers can capture real-time information, for example, via sensors in earplugs, watches, glasses, and even jewellery, while wirelessly communicating with back-end systems. 

Their aim is to make life easier for people by providing them with discreet support. Following the current hype for items such as fitness wristbands, developments have become more streamlined and there has been an increase in the market of wearable computer solutions that bring real value to users. The interplay of technology and the related service is crucial to their success. 

With our vertical segment “Healthcare & Wearables”, we at EBV have been active in these markets for years. We would be pleased to support you in making your ideas “wearable” and, as usual, in the most reliable and competent way. Just contact your local EBV partner.

The Quintessence of wearable technology

Sensors in the ear, robots in the bloodstream: Miniaturisation of sensors continues apace.

EBV - WearableS The Assistant in your ear (DA)

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The assistant in your ear - Wearables

In conversation with Nikolaj Hviid, CEO at Bragi, the inventor of the world's first in-ear computer.

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