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Infineon drives

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EBV presents: Infineon drives

Explore Infineon’s variety of innovative power semiconductors which enable designers to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions for various drive applications.

Based on the industry-leading technology, quality and expertise, Infineon provides innovative solutions for battery powered motor drives. The products enable superb performance for a broad range of battery powered motor control applications such as power tools, forklifts, and all kinds of light electric vehicles including e-skateboards, e-scooters, pedelecs, low speed cars, etc.

For home and building automation, Infineon offers  a selection of the energy-efficient intelligent power modules (IPM). The IPMs integrate the latest power semiconductor and control ICs technology leveraging Infineon’s advanced  IGBTs,  MOSFETs, next-generation gate driver ICs and the state-of-the-art thermo-mechanical technology. The modules improve system performance and energy efficiency by delivering increased power density, enhanced system ruggedness and reliability.

Electrical drive systems play a key role in energy savings. Infineon’s discrete IGBTs comprehensive portfolio offers the best performance, price, and quality ratio. The EasyPIM™/EasyPACK™ families are developed to enable a cost-effective compact design as well as simplified and reliable mounting. With these modules, Infineon provides an optimized product family for low- and medium-power industrial drives. Infineon TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT technology offers the combination of trench top-cell and field stop concept. It leads to significant improvement of static as well as dynamic performance of the device.

Small fans and pumps are widely used not only in home appliances but also in industrial applications. Also, for these low power drives there is a clear demand for inverterization driven by more stringent regulations as well as growing customer awareness.

Working on a wireless charging design? Take  a look at  an overview of cutting-edge solutions from Infineon’s comprehensive portfolio of high-quality semiconductors and enhance your design. Infineon offers a variety of innovative components to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions for the transmitter and adapter/charger parts of a wireless charging system. 

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Infineon systems solution for drives

Explore Infineon’s variety of innovative power semiconductors which enable designers to develop highly reliable and efficient solutions for all kinds of drive applications.

We live in a mobile world filled with electrical devices. From the mobile phone in our pocket to the new EV car in our garage, our environment is becoming more and more automated and power hungry by the day. Innovations in consumer-grade robots are giving us robots that can mow our lawns or clean our homes. Highly efficient electric motors are replacing the traditional motors in home appliances, automobiles, and industry. The demand for light electric vehicles such as e-scooters and pedelecs is increasing exponentially. Multicopter technology is evolving at an incredible pace. 

Behind all of this innovation, a wireless charging revolution is changing how we power these devices and motors that surround us. 

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EBV- Infineon drives Battery powered drives (GBL)

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Battery Powered Drives

Infineon offers an excellent selection of devices providing superb performance for battery powered motor drives. Take a look at the portfolio and find the right product for your design.

EBV - Infineon drives Wireless charging (GBL)

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Wireless Charging

Learn about Infineon’s cost-efficient wireless charging solutions and find out how they are optimized to deliver high efficiency at optimal price-performance ratio for the next level of charging.

EBV- Infineon drives Home automation (GBL)

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Home and Building Automation

The CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from building automation, to fans, pumps and general purpose drives.

EBV- Infineon drives 600 V industrial drives (GBL)

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Industrial Drives

Electrical drive systems consume two-thirds of the electrical energy used in industry and are a central component of automation systems. Infineon’s discrete IGBTs comprehensive portfolio provides the best performance, price and quality ratio.

EBV - Infineon Drives - Low Power Drives (GBL)

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Motor Control in Low Power Drives

Infineon’s latest portfolio of integrated solutions and reference designs help you create innovative inverters for pumps and fans with quieter operation, excellent speed control and maximum energy efficiency.