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Microchip Power over Ethernet

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Microchip PoE overview

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology that enables delivery of power over standard Ethernet infrastructure to facilitate quick and easy installation of WLAN access points, network cameras, IP telephones, and other IP-based devices. The proliferation of Ethernet-connected devices such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) security cameras, 802.11ac and 802.11ax access points, LED luminaires and Internet of Things (IoT) appliances has created an unprecedented demand for more power. PoE is the key to efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably power network devices.

Microchip PoE BU offers a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of PoE solutions comprised of PoE ICs and PoE injectors/systems. As both a system and chipset supplier, Microchip provides foolproof PoE solutions to address your unique business requirements.

The PoE ICs product line is the broadest in the market with PSE ICs featuring 1 to 8 ports, presenting the highest integration level and lowest total BOM cost.  Typical applications are Enterprise/SMB and physical security switches as well as IOT/IIOT building and factory automation. The PD ICs line provides solutions with and without integrated PWM controllers and is used as a compact way to convert PoE input power into one or more output voltages. The PD ICs add PoE compliance to IP Based terminals and are mainly integrated into WLAN access points, IP Surveillance cameras and IP Phones.

The PoE injectors/systems line includes stand-alone PoE injectors/midspans and switches ranging from single-port to multi-port solutions. These off-the-shelf products can be added by customers to their portfolio while saving development efforts on their side. The PoE injectors support best-of-breed PoE deployments making it easier than ever to install PoE-enabled Ethernet-based devices in both indoor, outdoor and industrial environments. The PoE multi-port injectors increase the flexibility and longevity of Ethernet networks.

What is Power over Ethernet?

  • Technology that enables delivery of power over standard Ethernet cable into IP-based data terminals
  • One Ethernet cable delivers both Data and Power
  • Up to 100m distance

Why Power over Ethernet?

  • PoE Reduces Installation Cost
  • One Ethernet cable delivers both Data and Power
  • No 120/240AC, no need for a licensed electrician
  • PoE Installations Improve Safety
  • Poe uses <60V which is SELV
  • Highly Scalable - Ease of Deployment
  • PoE is plug and play
  • Remote management of “Power”
  • Enables control and remote reset of PoE-powered devices
  • User-defined schedulers
  • Standard Compatibility


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Lighting & Smart Building Solutions

The adoption of commercial smart lighting systems has grown significantly as organizations strive to improve energy efficiency and operational costs in buildings. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is rising in popularity for these systems, providing a reliable and easy-to-install solution that manages power and data over a single Ethernet cable.

Since the ratification of the first PoE standard in 2003, PoE use has increased dramatically and made headway into many revolutionary applications such as the digital ceiling and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Security Solutions

In an increasingly connected world, physical threats continue to be a major concern across industries. As leaders in Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and NTP servers, Microchip provides the most advanced PoE infrastructure and point timing solutions for physical security networks.

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Microchip: The pioneers of PoE

Microchip is an innovator and thought leader in PoE technology, as well as a major contributor to the IEEE® 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt standards.

As a market leader in PoE, Microchip has been instrumental in implementing the IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, IEEE 802.3bt, and HDBaseT standards.

Microchip continues to innovate PoE solutions with the aim of supporting newer applications demanding higher power, greater speed, and challenging indoor and outdoor specifications, while ensuring lower OpEx and faster deployment.

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