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Nexperia Analog & Logic ICs

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Nexperia's Analog & Logic ICs

Nexperia has over 50 years of experience in Discretes and Logic and continues to innovate with compelling solutions for virtually any applications.

Nexperia focuses on efficient miniaturized devices and continues to expand its Standard Logic and Mini Logic portfolios, including for the automotive sector.


Discover highlights of Nexperia's broad portfolio of logic, translation and switching solutions in leaded and leadless packages.

EBV - Nexperia Analog and Logic ICs Table

Asynchronous Interface Logic I/O Expansion Synchronous Interface Logic  Control Logic
Voltage translators Analog switches Latches / Registered Drivers Gates
Buffers / Inverters / Drivers Bus switches Flip Flops Digital comparators
Transceivers Digital multiplexers FIFO registers Parity generators / checkers
Schmitt-Triggers Shift registers Counters / frequency dividers  
  Decoders / Demultiplexers Multi-vibrators  
    Phase locked loops  

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LV-A Logic Gates

LV-A logic solutions from Nexperia feature low leakage IOFF circuitry, for modular standby applications.

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MicroPak Packages

Nexperia is addressing space constraints in automotive applications with innovative MicroPak solutions that exceed AEC-Q100 requirements.

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0.5 GHz Bus Switches

These low voltage bus interface solutions have a high bandwidth 0.5 GHz bus switch performance with low and flat ON-resistance, low power consumption, and a low input/output capacitance.