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Automotive MOSFETs

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Nexperia Automotive MOSFETs – Driving in the efficiency lane!
Performance, reliability and proven AEC-Q101 quality

An in-depth understanding of automotive system requirements and focused technical capability enables Nexperia to provide power MOSFETs for a wide spectrum of applications. Choose from over 400 product types, ranging from 20 to 100 V with drain currents from 0.3 to 425 A, housed in market-leading robust package technologies. From driving a simple lamp to the sophisticated needs of power control in engine, body or chassis applications, Nexperia can provide the answer to many automotive system power challenges. To get an overview about Nexperia´s comprehensive Automotive MOSFETs portfolio, click here.

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Written by engineers – for engineers - we share expertise and learnings that our engineering teams have built up over many years of helping customers in a variety of sectors take their applications from initial concept, though prototyping and on into final production. With over 600 pages of useful guidance on common topics and issues that the design engineer is likely to encounter, the handbook provides insight into the sometimes confusing and complex behaviour of MOSFETs and Power GaN FETs – including information necessary to solve common problems and avoid potential pitfalls – our belief is that the Handbook will become a ‘go-to’ reference for anybody tasked with delivering optimized power and small-signal switching, power conversion and power management.





Take the chance to learn more about Nexperia´s LFPAK88 Trench 9 Automotive, LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive, LFPAK P-Channel and Small-signal MOSFETs in the section below:

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Meet the Nexperia Automotive MOSFETs!

The campaign brings together all the positive benefits of being an EBV customer. Whether you need a large or small quantity, you will find it with us. Our experts at EBV are here to help you. So learn more about our products, everything you need is just a click away!


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LFPAK88 Trench 9 Automotive

Providing a true alternative to D²PAK, Nexperia’s LFPAK88 delivers industry-leading power density in a truly innovative 8 x 8 mm footprint.

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LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive

LFPAK33 provides the benchmark in low-resistance, small-footprint packaging, providing up to 80% space saving compared to traditional DPAK alternatives

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Introducing automotive P-channel LFPAK56 MOSFETs, further enhancing Nexperia's industry-leading portfolio of robust and reliable copper-clip packages.

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Small-signal MOSFETs

Providing the broadest portfolio of small-signal MOSFETs (less than 1 Ω) automotive-qualified (AEC-Q101) and PPAP capable

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Video Library: Nexperia’s Automotive MOSFETs – All you need to know! Watch them now.

LFPAK88 Trench 9 Automotive

High current 3-phase BLDC motor drive application using Nexperia LFPAK88 MOSFETs Automotive 48V/12V bidirectional DC/DC converter featuring LFPAK88 100V MOSFETs Using Nexperia Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A LFPAK88: The automotive Power MOSFET driving power density to the next level


LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive

Quick Learning: LFPAK33 automotive MOSFETs in powertrain applications LFPAK33 Trench 9 automotive MOSFETs



Introducing P-Channel MOSFETs in LFPAK56 (Power-SO8)