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Renesas Industrial Ethernet

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Renesas Industrial Ethernet Module

The R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module is a ready-to-use, certified* hardware and software solution based on Renesas technology and quality standards. It supports the Industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP™ and EtherCAT® in one module hardware in a size of a dual port RJ45 connector.

Find out how it helps the development of Industrial Ethernet applications.

* The HW certification includes CE, RoHS and UL.

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Certified Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet Solution in PROFINET® and EtherNet/IP™


The Industrial Ethernet Module (R-IN32M3 Module) is a certified hardware and software solution that speed up the product development and bring it fast to the market. Based on Renesas technology and quality standards, the module includes certified software of leading Industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET® and EtherNet/IPTM. Other industrial protocols such as EtherCAT® are in preparation and will be available soon.

Image of Module image new

Key features:

  • Certified Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet Solution (PROFINET, EtherNet IP and EtherCAT)
  • Ethernet ports supporting 10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s with auto negotiation
  • High speed SPI interface including power pins connecting the module to the host CPU and enabling the communication with the application
  • Device configuration via “Management Tool” and API through application controller
  • Software Abstraction Layer enables device application to be easily connected to the module protocol software. (Fig 1)
  • Application MCU having full control of the Industrial Ethernet protocol enabling to run the real-time communication. (Fig 1.)
  • Comprehensive tool support and application examples in source code available to reduce development time
  • Software update of the module and the application MCU could be done through the Ethernet Interface
  • In the size of a dual port RJ45 connector and could support various network topologies and industrial network slave applications (Fig 2.)


Image of Block diagram

Figure 1: Block Diagram of Software Layers

Image of Industrial Ethernet Module Solution

Figure 2: Industrial Ethernet Module Solution Block Diagram


Target applications:

  • Industrial network slave applications (Fig 3.)
  • Sensors and transmitters
  • Gateways
  • Operator Terminals
  • Remote I/O solutions

Image of Target applications

Figure 3: Target applications in the Slave Module

Product lineup:

Part No.




  Dual port Ethernet module
  30pcs Tray package
  Dual port Ethernet module   1pcs sample package
  Solution Kit for Host I/F   -


Sample code:

  • Application Sample Code
  • Management Tool
  • Module Firmware


Solution kit for R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module


The Renesas R-IN32M3 Module Solution Kit is the perfect “accelerator” for developers who are new to the world of Industrial Ethernet. The certified hardware and software placed in the Solution kit enables developers to start development easily and shorten development time and test effort.

Image of R-IN32M3-Ethernet-board

Key features:

  • Board including R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module
  • USB cable to power the board independently of an MCU board
  • Enable easy connection to any legacy MCU board with ARDUNIO and Pmod interface
  • All recommended status LEDs’ are available on the board
  • Application examples in source code available for the Industrial Ethernet protocols, PROFINET, Ethernet IP and EtherCAT
  • Microsoft Windows based tools to handle the communication, error logs and firmware upgrades


Image of R-IN32M3 tools


Ordering information

Product Name

  Part Number



R-IN32M3 Solution Kit


 none  available


Information supporting development tools


  • Software Manual
  • Quick Startup Guide for Solution Kit
  • PROFINET, Ethernet IP and EtherCAT Conformance Test Certificate



  • Application Sample Code
  • Management Tool
  • Module Firmware

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