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Technology and digital transformation are accelerating our world, and instant access to information is becoming a standard. The MIP (Marketing Innovative Products) presents a snapshot of this ever-changing environment helping you to easily filter the most innovative and disruptive electronic components out of the flood of information available. 

The MIP web-app and brochure are issued four times per year. The content includes the latest innovative products and technologies selected by the technical specialists of EBV.

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In order to provide a better experience and complement the focused knowledge of the MIP with digital features and a bridge to the vast number of new parts available we have developed the new MIP Web App. Access the simplistic app via any browser on any device from mobile devices to PCs without the need to download anything!

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MIP 01/2021

Future mobility
Ever since the dawn of civilization, humankind has been looking for new ways to explore and expand our world. Thanks to technological advances in the field of transportation, we managed to peek into every corner of our planet – and even beyond. Although not physically able to cross large distances, high mobility is one of the main features that define us as a species.

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MIP 03/2020

Smart living
Smart Living is a broad topic. In the traditional sense, it translates to improving the quality of life through the use of technology. The concept of smart living is as old as humanity itself, and it represents what sets us apart as a species from other animals: our constant pursuit for a better life. However, with the recent advancements in the semiconductors industry, the term ‘smart’ (technology) takes on a new meaning: technology that incorporates data processing capabilities. In that context, we can redefine the expression ‘smart living’ as improving the quality of life through the use of smart technology.

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MIP 02/2020

Industrial Automation and Trends in Modern Industry
The advancement of the industry has always revolved around finding ways to automate production more efficiently. In a relatively short time, the industry has come a long way: just a few decades ago, Industrial Automation and Control (IACS) systems relied on bulky, unreliable, and complex relay logic. From the racks full of relays, miles of cables stretched across the factory floor, connecting them to the equipment on the production line. Once hardwired, reconfiguration of the production line for another task was very difficult in most cases, if not impossible

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MIP 01/2020

Embedded Vision
Computer Vision began as a very ambitious project in the late ‘60s, complementing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) development efforts. In several different universities, scientists were trying to construct an intelligent robot that would be able to see and describe what he saw. Although unsuccessful, this ambitious and somewhat naive project laid the foundation for a new interdisciplinary scientific field, focused on using computers to extract high-level information from a single image or a sequence of images.

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MIP 04/2019

The Cobots
The first thing that comes to mind when talking about a modern factory is a busy production line with industrial robotic arms that perform many repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks at high speeds and with extreme precision. These industrial robots are typically used for welding, painting, assembly, packaging, labeling, palletizing, testing, and other similar tasks.

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MIP 03/2019

Artificial intelligence for smarter industry
In the world of fast-paced technological advancement, there is a high demand for reliable and flexible tools and machines capable of adapting to inconsistent working conditions, which are also expected to make decisions based on incomplete inputs from the field. These are tasks that are commonly performed by sentient beings, like humans. But is it possible for a machine or a tool to actually “think” for itself and make some critical decision?

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MIP 02/2019

Connected cars get the snow on the road
When EBV was founded 50 years ago, the staff and managers at that time would have laughed if anyone had told them that they were laying the technological foundations for autonomous cars. Fast forward to today – and most car manufacturers say they plan to launch their first commercial self-driving vehicles within the next couple of years. 

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MIP 01/2019

Face to face with artificial intelligence
What was once science fiction is increasingly becoming reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing its onward march into multiple aspects of our lives. Furthermore, AI is a flourishing market – the management consulting firm McKinsey predicts that it will grow by 25 per cent per year until 2025, when it will be worth US$ 130 billion. 

Main topics:

  • Face Recognition


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MIP 04/2018

Sparks are flying in the microchip industry
According to the market researchers at IHS Markit, 125 billion networked appliances, machines and gadgets are already anticipated to be in use in 2030; in 2018, that figure still stood at something in the region of 31 billion. Concurrent with this development, the volume of data transferred is continuing to increase: IHS Markit expects the current annual growth rate of 20 to 25 per cent to increase to 50 per cent annually within the next 15 years. 

Main topics:

  • Art of Intelligence
  • Security Drives Innovation
  • Quantum Computing
  • Safe Data


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MIP 03/2018

The MIP Web App – Innovation Whenever, Wherever
Technology and digital transformation are accelerating our world, and instant access to information is becoming a standard. The MIP presents a snapshot of this ever-changing environment helping you to easily filter the most innovative and disruptive electronic components out of the flood of information available.
In order to provide an even better experience and complement the focused knowledge of the MIP with digital features and a bridge to the vast number of new parts available we have developed the MIP Web App.

Main topics:

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Inter-connectivity
  • Lightspeed
  • Super Strong Collaboration

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MIP 02/2018

Intelligent machines and self-teaching computers will open up exciting prospects for the electronics industry.
The idea of thinking, or even feeling, machines was long merely a vision of science-fiction authors. But thanks to rapid developments in semiconductors and new ideas for the programming of self-teaching algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today a real market, opening up exciting prospects for businesses.
Main Topics:

  • Robotic Evolution
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Autarkic decision Making


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MIP 01/2018

Intelligent machines and self-teaching computers are opening up new market opportunities in the electronics industry.
Market analyst TrendForce predicts that global revenues from chip sales will increase by 3.1 percent a year between 2018 and 2022. It is not just the demand for processors that is rising, however; applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are also driving new solutions in electronics fields such as sensor technology, hardware accelerators, and digital storage media.

Main Topics:

  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High-Speed Interface
  • Human Machine Interface


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MIP 04/2017

Smarter Nodes for a Smarter IoT

Data is the most important asset in our interconnected world. The more information we are able to collect and analyse the more accurate, effective and successful will decisions and actions based on this data be. EBV is able to provide you with design support and technology that will enable you to solve those challenges.

Main topics:

  • Smart sensing
  • IOT Nodes
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mems
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Wireless
  • Safety


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MIP 03/2017

On land, water, and in the air –
a multi-billion market! 

There are as yet no statistics on market volumes of autonomous vehicles across all sectors (land, water, air). But prospects for the driverless road vehicles market alone are impressive.  That represents an exciting future growth market for the semiconductor industry especially. 

Main topics:

  • Smart Cities
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connectivity
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Power Efficiency
  • Sensors


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MIP 02/2017

R2D2, Data, HAL 9000 – without the popular robot characters of our youth, the world of movies would have been much less exciting

Thanks to the enormous advances made in electronics, and especially in the field of high-performance microprocessors and in sensor technology, robots are getting continually better at sensing their surroundings. New software algorithms are increasingly imbuing robots with intelligence, and with the ability to learn autonomously.

Main topics:

  • Big Data
  • Robotics
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Security
  • Industry 4.0


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