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EBVchips: Heracles 324M

EBV - EBV Chips - Heracles 324m new member of the Heracles family - Mixed Media (MM)

Heracles 324m new member of the Heracles family

The all in one solution – real direct IoT and plug and play

Heracles 324m is an all in one solution, real direct IoT and plug and play. It combines an application processor, a low power, low throughput LTE modem, a GPRS/EDGE modem, a global satellite localization system and a pre-paid data package with an European footprint. It is combined with an hardware secured element allowing a high level of security.



HERACLES 324M is the third generation of our all in one solution concept and will allow customers to smoothly migrate from the 2G M2M world to the upcoming LPWA LTE world (4G). It is designed for applications that need low latency, medium throughput data communication in a variety of radio propagation conditions. Due to the unique combination of performance, security and flexibility, this module is ideally suited for M2M applications, such as metering, wearable, tracking, re-mote monitoring, healthcare, telematics, mobile POS terminals, bike sharing, smart farming, etc …


EBV - EBV Chips - Designed for IoT Connectivity - Mixed Media (MM)

Designed for IoT Connectivity:

The Heracles footprint provide a maximum on compatibility for our customer designs, upgrading designs i.e. from the existing version into always the latest generation.
HERACLES 324M can be order with a pre paid data package allowing a free access to European mobile network without monthly fees.
2 flavors are available depending on customers business models and data usage: 50 MB for 5 years or 500MB for 10 years.

The same device can also be ordered with an embedded eSIM (eUICC) allowing the remote provisioning of another operator over the air, without the need to change a plastic SIM card inside a device.

A third option is available -  purchasing the pure hardware without connectivity in order to be used with a standard external SIM in cases where offered connectivity is not suitable.


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HERACLES 324G embeds a prepaid data package thanks to an embedded sim. The package can be used over 5 years for 50MB or 10 years for 500MB starting from the delivery date and includes the connectivity in 33 European countries. Reload is also possible to extend the amount of data or the duration. Connectivity includes following countries:

Austria Czech Republic Greece Liechtenstein Poland Sweden
Andorra Denmark Hungary Lithuania Portugal Switzerland
Belgium Estonia Iceland Luxemburg Romania United Kingdom
Bulgaria Finland Ireland Malta Slovakia
Croatia France (Metro.) Italy Netherlands Slovenia
Cyprus Germany Latvia Norway Spain



LTE-M connectivity is available or coming soon this year and included within this offer, in countries such as :

Belgium France Germany Netherlands Romania Slovakia
Spain Switzerland Poland


Status (Summer 2020)

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