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EBVchips: Iris

Iris – fully certified WiFi “cloud-on-chip” solution


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Do you need to connect your application to Wi-Fi networks? Do you want to cut time-to-market and minimize complexity? Do you require great flexibility that fits the uniqueness of your product?

If you said yes to the above, you probably face a couple more questions. How to handle hardware and parts selection? How to get the application certified and secured? How to add cloud connectivity and cope with software development?

Fortunately, the answer to all those challenges is easy: EBVchips Iris – “The Cloud on Chip” Wi-Fi module that holds everything an IoT device maker could wish for: from certification over security features up to the firmware.

The Iris module is equipped with proven hardware and provides you with the freedom to connect and use Iris easily with any cloud solution you choose.
This makes the EBVchips module especially interesting if an established cloud solution is already available in a company and software engineering is no problem.

If you need more support and are new to IoT development, we got you covered as well!  
The Iris chip is available with extensive services and features that enable automatic connection to the cloud and mobile apps without network programming relying on the flexible TF Technologies solution.
This means you can define and order Iris with customized software solution including app development as well as Microsoft Azure based cloud solution fitting to your requirements. In addition, OTA (Over The Air) upgrade of the module and client firmware are supported by the full-featured solution.
We take over the engineering so you can focus on your business and product!

One thing is always part of the deal, independent of the Iris module and service solution you opt for: extensive security features to protect your device and brand.

All Iris versions are perfectly tailored for the IoT market as internet-enabler for sensors. The small size modules feature an embedded onboard PCB-antenna with a gain of 2 dBi. The EBVchips solutions further integrate an MCU for internal use, have a UART-interface for simple serial connectivity and provide design capabilities for low power, making them perfect for battery-operated applications.

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EBV- EBVChips- Iris Products (LC)

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EBV- EBVChips- Iris Module (MM)

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WiFi module shielded + PCB antenna + cloud-on-chip SW

EBV- EBVChips- Iris IRIS Demoboard (MM)

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Evaluation board, for Arduino Zero or USB connected to your computer, preloaded with TF Technologies cloud connectivity firmware and JSON protocol on chip level.
Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm
Contact us for more information!

EBV- EBVChips- Iris IO Bridge (MM)

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  • Red, green and blueLED controlledby PW
  • 2 Hardware buttons
  • 2 Relays
  • 2 Optocouplers
  • 1 Motion detector
  • 1 Temperaturesensor (NTC)
  • Full UART interface
  • Analog to digital converter(3.3V)
  • 3.3 V output
  • Size: 80 mm x 52 mm x 20 mm

EBV- EBVChips- Iris- Features and applications (SH)

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Key features:

  • Wi-Fi protocols: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Frequency: 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
  • PCB-antenna gain: 2 dBi
  • Command format: JSON
  • Average active current: 80 mA
  • Sleep current: 10 µA
  • Operating temp: -40°C - +85°C
  • Package size: 18 mm x 20 mm x 3 mm
  • Interface: UART 115200baud
  • Security: secret token + HTTPS
  • Encryption: 2048 bit SSL
  • Supply voltage: 3.0 V – 3.6 V
  • FW upgrade: cloud OTA
  • Software: pre-loaded FW
  • Network protocols: IPv4, HTTP/S, MQTT 
  • Certifications: RED, CE & FCC


Application examples:

  • Smart power plugs
  • Home automation
  • Mesh network gateway
  • Industrial wireless control
  • Sensor networks
  • Wearable electronics
  • Wi-Fi location-aware devices
  • Security ID tags
  • Wi-Fi position system beacons


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EBVchips Overview

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Blog article

Unlimited Freedom with IRIS Lite

With the new version of the chip solution – IRIS Lite – developers will have even more freedom. The new IRIS Lite module is now able to support any other cloud solution on the market.