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RoomSensor Shield

Arduino compatible development tool

This Arduino compatible Sensor Shield includes newest sensors relevant for Building and Home Automation. Including sensors for HVAC, presence detection, smart blinds, lighting control and indoor air quality, it paves the way for new capabilities in sensor fusion applications. Together with the optional microcontroller baseboard and the connectivity board (under development), it can be used in a KNX environment and can provide all relevant sensor values to control other actors like lights, blinds, shutters, HVAC and many more. With a reliable presence detection, it can also be the base for e.g. medical surveillance or intruder detection or intruder detection.

Part number: HFTSENSOR10

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RoomSensor Shield 


Device description 

Application details
AMS Logo Temperature & Humidity Sensor –
Relative humidity & temperature for HVAC and as reference for VOC sensor
Gas Sensor VOC –
CCS 811
Total VOC (Volatile Organic Compound ) and equivalent CO2 (eCO2) indication for indoor air quality monitoring 
Ambient Light Sensor –
Ambient light conditions for sun shades, daylight harvesting and HVAC control
Smart Lighting Director –
Closed loop CCT, tunable-white and/or daylighting management for luminaires & lamps 
Infineon Logo Pressure / Temperature Sensor – DPS422  Door/window open detection, intruder detection, weather forecasting
Radar Module –
RFbeam K-LD2 
Motion detection, micro movement detection, intruder detection
Secure Element –
Optiga Trust X
Secure key (private key storage, symmetric key generation), software protection, anti-cloning
Magnetic Sensor –
Integrated Hall-Effect Sensor designed specifically to meet the requirements of low-power e.g. battery operated devices. It offers precise magnetic switching points and high temperature stability

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Demo-software and application examples

In addition to this RoomSensor-Shield, a demo software with application examples is available for the KIT_XMC1400-ARDUINO, the optional microcontroller baseboard.
This C-program shows how to interface each sensor in software and includes a PC-visualization tool.

Image of Demo-software and application examples

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Let our design experts help you bring RoomSensor to life.
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