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Logistic solutions

Supported by flexible and state-of-the-art tools, our experienced logistics specialists secure rapid and efficient implementation of customised supply-chain-management concepts. The service range extends from fundamental supply-chain consultancy right up to complete solutions, from forecast management via Internet-based replenishment right up to risk management. Our services increase the cost transparency in the supply chain, resulting in lower inventory and working capital levels. Regardless of whether you are looking for a single approach for specific components or a complete TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis; whether it is a matter of reducing the number of vendors, process automation or the definition of customised supply methods, EBV is the right partner for you.

Our service covers a large number of tools to optimise the supply chain, either on an individual basis or as a complete package. The priority is that the customer receives exactly the solution that is best for their individual requirements. It starts with simple matters such as special material handling/packaging requirements or individual barcode labels, and continues with group deliveries and buffer stock. But we also have in-depth offers with relatively complex issues such as EDI, forecast management, JIT/Kanban and web-based automated replenishment such as POURS.com. The more complex the issue, the greater the dependence on EBV to accept responsibility for the task on behalf of the customer, in order that everything functions smoothly and both partners benefit as a result.

To learn more about Avnet Logistics and their services offering, please click below:



In its Distribution Centers in Belgium and Germany, Avnet Logistics manages all inventory of Avnet EM EMEA‘s distributors.

  • Both facilities handle product of about 170 electronic component suppliers. ERP-Systems control the product flow of over 200.000 different articles. The average value of inventory on stock exceeds 400 Million Euros.
  • Both locations receive shipments from electronic components suppliers, perform incoming inspections, book shipments against the distributors purchase orders, store and ship the product. In order to prevent the supply of outdated products the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) support a FIFO (First In First Out) strategy, based on product date codes.
  • Avnet Logistics also executes logistic programs of the Avnet distributors, such as Just-In-Time and Kanban deliveries. Other specific services include bar coding, labeling, vacuum packing and breaking down reels to smaller reel quantities.
  • Both warehouses have a combined capacity to ship 11.500 shipments per day to customers in countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Avnet Logistics also takes care of all necessary paperwork required for exporting goods. To ensure that all applicable laws for duty, tax, export control and shipments are properly respected and all necessary information are recorded, Avnet Logistics runs its own Export Control program.

Please note: due to worldwide located manufacturing facilities it is not uncommon for a given device to be produced in several countries (US, Asia, Europe) with components of varying origins.

The supplied parts don't come up with the EC-REG 1207/01. Therefore it is not possible to issue any preferential document. Customs code and ECCN are mentioned on the order confirmation and on the invoice. These classifications only represent the opinion of the AVNET Group and are not to be seen as legal position.

Take back service for trays

Avnet Logistics Services is offering a service to enable you to send empty trays back at our costs. All you have to do is to click here:




Please log in with below mentioned login-details, submit your company details and provide details on the weight. After entering the required data, you will receive immediately a label that you can print and attach to the parcel. (This portal enables only parcel shipments under 70kg. For shipments over 70 kg, please fill out the DHL Freight Collection order)  

Please use the following username and password:





If you have regular collections with UPS you can hand over the parcel together with your other shipments. Otherwise get in touch with UPS to request a collection. Please check contact information for UPS here.

If you prefer to store the trays in your warehouse and send a bigger quantity on pallets, you can request a prefilled shipping document at ALS-Poing-Transportmanagement@avnet.eu. Please add your information to the form. You can send it  by clicking "email" in the file or by saving the file and emailing it to auftrag.muenchen@dhl.com. Goods will be sent directly to our warehouse where they will be washed and sorted. The invoice for the transport costs will be automatically sent to Avnet.

Please note that we can’t accept trays from non EU country because of customs issue. Freight costs for shipment made without the UPS Tool or DHL collection order won’t be paid by Avnet. For further questions, please contact ALS-Poing-Transportmanagement@avnet.eu.

For future reference, you can download instructions for our tray return service:




A “win-win-situation” for everyone of us

  • Avnet’s carbon-footprint is reduced by 65 metric tons by not shipping new trays from Asia to Poing
  • Avnet avoids approx. 10 metric tons of additional plastic produced, purchased, and circulated
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their waste profile + costs by not scrapping trays but sending them back
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their administration and archiving by not obtaining and filing a certificate of waste disposal
  • We start re-using our packaging materials with that
  • Overall: Avnet and its customers save money and become more green


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EBV will remain the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution by being the partner of choice for its customers, suppliers and employees.

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Avnet Logistics is the result of a spin-off of a formerly EBV owned Warehouse and Programming Centre using all of EBV’s more than 40 years of experience, practice and well established resources to provide even better services to the market.


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EBV responds to inquiries locally, quickly and unbureaucratically, providing punctual deliveries at fair prices and a high personal commitment from each individual employee until the successful conclusion of the project.